Model of Canberra - Source: Image taken by Allistair Krause at The National Capital Exhibition, Canberra.

Brief Introduction:

Second and Third year students from Latrobe University Bendigo travelled to Canberra for a study tour. Our aim was to: Observe, describe, analyze, review and critique different urban forms and layouts, land uses, public and commercial spaces, open space networks and areas, and identify, assess and articulate how well they perform in relation to their purpose and function, and suggest how they could be planned and designed to better relate to community needs.

I focused on the following questions: Question 2 and 3 specifically relate to Canberra

Question 1 Small Cities and Towns – What Happens when these places are bypassed

Question 2 Planning and Developing Residential Areas Over Time

Question 3 The Planning, Use and Development of Parks, Open Space and Green Belts and Approaches to Environmental Management

Question 4 Universities – How They and their Campus Relate to their Urban Setting

Gallery: Click to enlarge - Connotations are shown below the image (Photos taken by Allistair Krause)